Month: July 2012

Future Electronic device : Molecular device

In recent daily life, human life could not be separated with electronic tools. The role of electronic tools in human life is very important to improve the quality and quantity of their life. Every year, their problems become more complicated, huge, and connected which cause the demands of the systems that could deal with various and big data in more faster way are inevitable. Thus, scientists are driven to realize electronic devices, which are smaller, faster, and more powerful.

Improvements in human life style quality also require the more high-function and user-friendly devices, such as more resolution, bright in any condition, transparent, and or foldable. However, the research in this field is mainly influenced by two factors nowadays. They are demand of electronic devices, which consume low power and use the material which is abundant available and not harmful to living things and ecosystem, and demand of multi-national electronic company to keep their business based on trends on human life style change, as their consumers. Actually, almost of researches are supported by them to create advanced products as money machine. (more…)